A Cunty Place


Création : Collectif The House of Unicorns

Performance : Helena Araujo, Emilie Jacomet, Pauline Lavergne, Mzamo Jama Nondlwana.

Soutiens/ Résidences : Rosas Summerstudios(BE), Atalaia Artes Performativas(PT)

Premiere: Atalaia Artes Performativas Festival, Portugal.


Today is the day I am going to meet my soul mate.

Today is the day I am going to meet Jesus.

I am an amazing person full of talent and greatfulness.

I am this kind of bitch, what do you think I am ?

I am not your bambi.

What you see is not real.

My cap, my dress, my bigbig diamond ring.

Come and give me a hug, you sexy little thug.

The moon may have glittler, but my garden flourishes with flowers.

This piece is about four people.

This piece is about my ass.

My ass is an alligator.

Be nice.

My ass will kill you if you don’t shut up.

My ass is a symbol of the universe.

My ass is a big bang.

A bigidibang.

A source of inspiration.

A pretty little bird.

A piece of Art.

It is an epic revolution.


A place where dreams are made.

A place where dreams are broken.

A place where living in the moment is all that matters,

A Cunty Place.